Extended family trip

For those of you who take large groups, do you try and cover everyone’s resort costs with DVC points if possible? I’m trying to decide how to float a May 2021 trip to our family and how to do lodging. Obviously my family of 6 will stay on points which means we’ll need a two bedroom and can offer to have my parents stay with us since we will have capacity for 8. Both my husband and I have two siblings. On his side, one brother is single w/o kids and the other brother is married with 3 kids. On my side, one of my sisters is married (but currently separated from her husband) with no kids and my other sister is married with 2 kids.

I’d like to stay two weeks next trip (well, 12 nights split 6-6 between CC and BCV). My first thought is to invite my sisters and parents the first 6 nights and his brothers the second 6. That means we’d have 13 during my family’s 6 nights and 12 during his family’s 6 nights. Is it even worth looking into the 3 bedrooms for this trip? Our points wouldn’t cover it. Can you rent DVC points and successfully secure a 3 bedroom since there aren’t a ton of them? Or should we just extend the invitation to our siblings and let them know that they are responsible for booking their own lodging? I’m just wanting to have a solid idea so that when We pitch this to the family they have a clear understanding of what we’re offering (if anything) in terms of absorbing any of their trip costs for lodging. Thanks for the help y’all.

BIf you were going to rent points you’d probably have to book a GV for a week with your points and then rent points to book one for the second week. I’m not sure how many owners would be renting out enough points to book a GV for two weeks.

However, why not look at two 2-beds? The sleeping arrangements would be better for what would effectively be 4 families: yours, your parents, and two sibling groups.

How many points would you have left over after booking your own 2-bed? I would then look at the points needed to book either another 2-bed or two studios for the 12 days (probably easier to book them for 6 days and then another 6 days).

See how much that would cost to rent the extra points required and split it by the number of adults in each family group. You could then suggest this to the families and see what their reaction is.

If you have a 2-bed, that could be a gathering place if the others are in a studio.


We have done a trip with a group of 12. We used our DVC points to cover the resort stay for everyone because otherwise the rest of the family would not have been able to afford the trip. We initially looked at doing a 3 bedroom, but then a very wise person at DVC suggested we do a 2 bedroom and a studio which required less points. We still had the full kitchen and living in the 2 bedroom for meals and gathering. Worked perfectly.


@Dreamer and @Nicky_S, a 2 bedroom + studio might be perfect. I could swing that points wise I think. Of course this is all speculation at this point. No one may want to come (both siblings will have under kids under 3 and may want to wait until they are a bit older) but it’s nice to know we can do it!

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I hope it works out.

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