Extended Family at OKW

So we had planned a trip to celebrate my mom’s retirement last year in December. Due to outside issues we held off on booking the trip, and than found out I was pregnant. Now that the baby is here we are taking a trip in mid december for 10 days to actually celebrate the retirement. My in-laws (she has been to Disney once, he never has) are also coming as this is the first grand baby on either side and it will be baby’s first trip to Disney also.
Having taken Daddy to Disney twice we stayed onsite and had great luck with the dining plan and other things. Daddy is insisting we repeat what we did this trip but agreed to a new hotel.

We have a 2 Bedroom villa at OKW already booked through DVC rental store, and my in-laws have their own 2 Bedroom villa at OKW also (long story but they need quiet to sleep & 6 month olds are not known for quiet at night :slight_smile:

Original plan was to stay at AKL however having an infant who is in cloth diapers and goes through 3 or 4 outfits a day a washing machine and dryer is a MUST! So mommy said we had to do a villa and we would rent points. We had to have Baby Name in order to rent and by the time we could rent OKW & Saratoga were the main choices with one of the EPCOT ones also (due to the noise issues in-laws vetoed the EPCOT one). We picked OKW based on size for 5 adults and one infant. In-laws than decided they wanted their own room so they booked that.

I have tried the room finder and looking for Touring Plan Picks for OKW and can not find any so…
Long story short:
What rooms should we aim for at OKW?
We have 2 “groups”

Villa A (Mom, Dad, Grandma, and 6 month old Baby):
would prefer to be close to a bus stop as no car,
will have a stroller and
would like to be with easy walking distance to caffeine aka quick service or area to fill mug in the am (have dining plan)

Villa B (2 adults, grandma and grandpa):
would like to be near the first group (or quick walk 1 building or so away)
WILL have a car
MUST be in a quiet area between the hours of 8 pm and 6 am
Will do most of their meals in the villa (no dining plan & not fans of eating out due to allergies)

Does anyone have any good room recommendations that meet the above requirements for OKW??? Do they even exist??

Thanks in advanced for any help!

You have a villa with a full kitchen. Can you make your own coffee and breakfast?

We can but that still doesn’t help as to what area/rooms to request. None of the rooms are touring plan picks in the hotel; so having never done a villa much less Old Key West where do we try to put in a request for?

So my step-dad who for the last 2 years swore he didn’t want to come now wants to join us. There is more than enough room to add him (would be 4 adults, 1 infant in a 2 bedroom). My problem now is he has had a LOT of falls in the past and now requires a higher toilet to avoid falls. What areas/room type of request do we put in?

Asking for a handicap accessible room should be fine. Those are usually the ones with the roll bars by the tub and toilet and the toilets usually are a bit higher than standard. I would also suggest contacting Disney directly to inquire to be sure!