Extended Evening Theme Park Hours - Time Change?

My mom always called it Disney Commando Mode. Keep up or get left out, morning or night.


Keep it rolling!


We are sweet and we have Disney energy :blush:


This is amazing! I was so bummed I was going to miss the hours on the 18th and now it’s the perfect end to my trip!


Yup, the inspiration of it :grin:

Only in Disney World. Plenty of time to go to sleep early or sleep in at home. Plus, don’t they pump extra oxygen into the air to help people stay up???


We did this when the kids were young but we went to hotel from about 12-4 and napped!


We had these late hours, called an audible and arrived late to the parks every day. Stacking LL was great for this, but I had to sacrifice a few rides we couldnt fit in with this strategy.

The new early Epcot hours take away an obvious strategy because you used to be able to make that a good park for late morning. And if you dont rope drop you know you are buying ILL for ROTR and FOP.


Thanks for posting this. We’ll be there that week. Because of IT issues a CM had to make all my park reservations over the phone (it took her more than an hour) I’m less than excited about trying to change them.

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I have a question about extended evening access. My AP is blocked on the HS night… I think I knew that but if I have a resort reservation for that night could I attend or would I have to also buy a regular ticket too?

You’d have to have a valid ticket for entry.


You do need a valid ticket of some kind to attend, so I would assume you’d have to buy a ticket.


Thank you both! I assumed I’d need a valid ticket but wanted to verify. Extended hour rules are different. I think I remember being annoyed when I saw that the HS night fell on my AP blackout dates.

Would one of those after 5pm convention tickets work?