Extended evening hours return to MK Jan 3rd

For those hoping for MK extended hours (for deluxe resort guests), they are back on the calendar for Wed 3rd Jan.


I think these are a waste of $

They don’t cost anything.


LOL…Sorry…i thought this comment was on the after hours coming back in 2024!

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I think I read that the EEH for MK on 1/3 is from 9:00 pm - 11:00 pm. I checked the hours from this past January, and they were open from 9:00 am - 11:00 pm every day that first week. So it’s like the same hours, but you have to be a deluxe resort guest to enjoy the last 2. :frowning:

Correct, it’s 9-11pm.

Yeah, which means that those last two hours this year were for everyone, and next year are only meant for deluxe resort guests.

It’s not “extra hours”

This is a trend (not just at Disney, but for sure at Disney) often referred to as “shrinkflation”. In order to hide inflationary costs, rather than raise prices (or…in many cases, in addition to), they also shrink existing offerings.

In this case, rather than actually LENGTHEN the hours at MK as a benefit to Deluxe guests, they are TAKING AWAY hours from everyone BUT Deluxe guets.