Extended evening hours for non-deluxe guests

What steps does WDW take to stop non-deluxe guests from enjoying extended evening hours? Is it just scanning MBs on rides. Or are there checkpoints like they do with the parties?

In other words, what’s to stop me wandering around MK after 10pm and just enjoying the ambiance, maybe doing some shopping, getting a Starbucks, etc.

They do not have stop points in the park. You cannot enter an attraction queue without being scanned. I am unclear regarding stores


Just be aware that for Epcot, World Showcase is closed other than the rides in Norway and France. They stop you walking between Norway and France via Italy etc. Shops and restaurants, food carts etc are closed too.


Good — if disappointing — intel.

Actually, I don’t care. My extended hours are in MK and HS.


I’ve just realised we are going to briefly cross paths. Especially if you’re doing the extended hours at DHS.


We could totes meet at HS. My gang won’t be able to do anything at HS during EE, but I thought we might want to enjoy TSL at night and SWGE at night and the TOT light show thing.


It’ll be our first night there, but we’ll have stayed offsite the night before.

Assuming we make it over it would be great to meet you. We can PM and make a plan nearer the time.

I can’t imagine a scenario where they wouldn’t want you to spend money in the store…

The stores at MK, and I would imagine HS, are still open. They certainly won’t stop you from spending $$. In my experience they’ve only scanned MB at rides.

I was prevented from entering a store to shop on a party night. It had just changed to party time. They didn’t want my money unless I had a party ticket.

When I was at the DVC night at AK w/ the liner meet up group I was stopped in two different locations by CMs to verify that I was allowed to be there.


Don’t they sell party-specific merch sometimes? My guess is that they want to minimize non-party-goers from buying it up. No experience with this personally but that is my guess.
ETA: that has no bearing on EEH hours


Yes but not at this time

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We definitely shopped in the big shop at Epcot that’s not Mousegear anymore during extended hours and they didn’t ask for credentials.

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