Extended Evening Hours experience

So…I know I read something about this, but don’t remember…

So, we plan to utilize EEH both at Epcot and MK. But my questions really are about the experience. How effective did you find the time? And what happens for rides where there was a long standby line already at official closing time. Do those staying to use EEH have to tap in…and do they get ahead of those leftover in standby? Or does everyone end up in standby? Is it better then to get in line for the walk on rides and wait for busier lines until later? What about G+? Does it apply to EEH?

Just trying to figure out the best game plan for using EEH.

I’ve done both several times. Epcot is great because you can pick up a BG for GOTG at 6 pm for only those guest eligible for EEH. We were able to ride 3 times on our Epcot day (regular BG, ILL and evening BG). The thing I don’t love about EEH is that most of the world showcase is closed (Norway and France are open for the rides). The shops in the country are closed and very few dining options are open. But you can get a number of rides done though. We’ve done nights were we watched Harmonious and then went to Remy. We have also gotten in line for Remy during Harmonious.

MK EEHs are great. Most of the rides are open and Main St is open. Sadly, PM is not open.



I have found that they will greatly exaggerate wait time before closing to discourage people from entering, but sometimes it is better to wait.

I will caution that most stand by posted times were posted much higher than actual times.

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Oh? Really?

So, I plan to book an ILL for the evening for GOTG…but you are saying we could book a BG as well at 6:00? Hmm. Thanks for sharing that bit!

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Makes sense. Typical Disney move!

Yes. It’s a nice perk for the evening hours.

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I posted screen shots in February of posted/actual times. If you want me to dig them up I can post them here or PM them.

We enjoyed our EEH at EP but our main objective was GOTG

We skipped rides except FEA during harmonious

Ditto I didn’t know this either and we’re doing an evening hours on Dec 19 and I want to catch as many Christmas songs as I can if they have multiple so I’m gonna go for three rides too.

Yes on one of my EP days I rode 7a VQ, ILL$, and 6pm VQ. It was awesome!

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