Extended Evening Hours at MK cancelled for MNSSHP?

I didn’t have much luck searching to see if this had been discussed anywhere. We’re going 10/1-10/7 for fall break this year, stay on rented DVC points, so we’re really excited about the chance to take advantage of Deluxe Extended Evening hours. This week, I’ve been getting my emails from TP with “official” park hours for my trip, and the EE for Epcot on Monday and HS on Thursday are there, but MK on Wednesday is not. I tried to verified on the official Disney site, but the furthest out I could find official hours there is Sept 30. And, interestingly, the last day they have MK EE listed is Wed 9/20, with none listed for 9/27 (while the Epcot and HS days are listed as expected).

I looked back at TPs historical calendar from last year, and it reports that MK EE continued as usual all the way through Halloween. Do we think there’s a chance they really are skipping this year (and that’s why the consolation HS days were given)? My ADR day is coming up on Wednesday, so I’m trying to scramble to strategize for ADRs that can work either way, since we promised the girls we’d do CRT this year.

Often when there is a conflict between party and EE, they will offer the EE at a different park.


In this case they added DHS.

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It makes sense, I was actually more surprised the calendar looked like they didn’t do it last year.

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We’ll take it!

I just saw that hours aren’t listed for EEH at MK on Oct 4th either.

I also think those get filled in more as the dates approach

I vaguely recall an announcement back some time ago that EEH would continue through 2023? Maybe I’m making that up on hope

I think this is as from the CM Hub calendar, but I agree it’s possibly too early.

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Disney has said that they will continue through 2024!

  1. But my point is that they may be replacing MK with DHS during party season, after the popularity of it at Christmas for the last two weeks of MVMCP.
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I’m working off that assumption for now, given that the Epcot hours are all listed as expected without interruption.

@len Since WDW announced EEH at HS for certain dates in September and October, will those hours be added to those dates as an option for TPs?

I too have been following this closely as we go 10/21-10/28 staying at BWI…I am stressing because the EEH for DHS my week are on Wednesday - which was typically the MK EEH. So now if I want to attend DHS EEH, I have to find another evening to see fireworks at MK, which is already super-limited due to the halloween party. I keep hoping that somehow MK will still have EEH that week but that is seeming very unlikely :frowning:

That week will create some tough choices with Saturday, Monday and Wednesday being the only HEA nights at MK and then EEV on Monday at EP and Wednesday at HS. Can you go to MK your arrival night for HEA?

Technically we could do MK fireworks Saturday but I hate to schedule “must-dos” on arrival day as you never know with flight schedules and how everyone’s energy level will be after a long travel day. At this point, I’m leaning towards skipping the EEH at Epcot - depending on fireworks schedule, we might able to head out after and monorail to Epcot…but we’ll see. I’m just really disappointed that something that was advertised as a benefit is being taken away - I know they are substituting DHS but by not doing it on a scheduled party night doesn’t really help.

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Agree. When I saw that, I thought that was an odd way to schedule it. I understand doing EEH at HS instead of MK during MNSSHP time, but the HS EEV night should have been Thursday, not Wednesday.

That makes sense and is probably what I would do.

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