Extended Evening Hours at DHS in Sept & Oct

Returning for the first time since December 2022. For Deluxe Resort Guests.

September 30
October 5
October 11
October 19
October 25

Note these are different days of the week.



I’m confused – is this instead of MK hours due to Halloween parties? Or in addition to?

Probably a replacement. Certainly in December they were a replacement due to MVMCP dates.

We went on our first day (which was the day of the last Christmas party) and it really was worthwhile. We did ST, Rise, MF and MMRR all with minimal wait. MF was actually the longest queue time; for Rise we just kept on walking through the queue.

Edit: I think DH and DS also did Slinky but I may be mixing up days.


Well, darn! I’ll be at MNSSHP on 10/5.

I get two of those :blush: …as we are at DSS 29-6.

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Do you recall approximately how long?

Interesting that Rise does not appear on the list this year. Maybe WDW will add it later? Or make it a third VQ like for Guardians at Epcot?

The Falcon was about half an hour, maybe a bit more.

I think there are always omissions when they first publish lists of rides open. It happened for early entry too.

No reason to think they’d use a VQ. It was stand-by in December, I’m sure it will be added later.

How do you think this will work with Fantasmic? EEH’s afterwards or in place of?

This was our F! night, and with being at a deluxe this time I might switch some things around…


I think they will still show Fantasmic! Looking at last Dec 15, 2022, when they had the deluxe EEH’s at DH, this is what they did: This is from TP’s historical crowd calendar pages.

  • Park Hours: 8:30am - 9:00pm
  • Early Theme Park Entry at 8:00am
  • Extended Evening Theme Park Hours until 11:00pm
  • Fantasmic! at 7:30pm
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Oh, this should be perfect for us! This alone might make us decide to bring a stroller so we can toss the complainers in and let them fall asleep while we ride! :rofl:

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It could work quite well, timing wise.

Watch Fantasmic, then get something to eat and re-charge before the extended hours start.

You will get people getting in line right before park closing time, so it’s a perfect time to do some exploring of Galaxy’s Edge, for example, and then hit the rides.


Thought I’d put this here.

Although RotR isn’t listed under the EEH rides, the actual opening hours for Rise on the 30th September now shows it open until 11pm. Which pretty much confirms it will be available during EEH.