Extended AK park hours = extended ADR slots?

Since the park hours for AK were extended to 7:30 during our trip, I’ve been trying to move our current in-park dinner ADR to a later time. However, the TS restaurants are all still showing dining hours only until 5pm. Will Disney extend the TS hours to match the park hours? If so, does anyone know how long it usually takes them to open up those new ADR slots after updating the park hours?

Without a doubt they will extend dining. I would set up an ADR search through touring plans to notify me when they open. One of the reasons they will extend AK hours is to allow more people in Tiffins!

Thanks, @PrincipalTinker! I figured they’d have to extend dining, but was confused given that it’s been a week and still no new dining slots – you’d think Disney would have dining set to go “live” when the new park hours do! Oh well, I’ll set up the reservation finder and hopefully snag one of the later slots when they open up.

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Waiting “patiently” for the same thing. I set up a search on the res finder here and sometimes I check myself just for fun.

@dunegirl This morning I got my ADR for Sept 21! I don’t know about other dates but it is a good day to check.

I received a res finder alert this morning for Oct 9th and was able to grab a 7:25 res at Tiffins, so definitely check today!

Is it a regular ADR or a dining package? Was that the latest time available?

Just a regular ADR and the latest I saw available. I figured I would grab it because if the hours stay the way they are, it’ll be great to be in the park long after close.

Thanks @jenphalian – I got a res finder alert this morning and was able to snag exactly the time I wanted!

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