Expresses Passes in early May?

My fiance and I will be going to WDW and Universal for honeymoon next year May. Our itinerary is as follows:

Tuesday, 5th, Universal Studios (TouringPlans rates this a 5/10 crowd level)
Wednesday, 6th, Magic Kingdom
Thursday,7th, Epcot
Friday, 8th, Universal’s Islands of Adventure (TouringPlans rates this a 6/10 crowd level)
Saturday, 9th, Hollywood Studios

With the 5/10 and the 6/10 crowd levels, will we need the Express Passes? I am a massive Harry Potter fan so would love to spend quite a lot of time in the HP worlds as well. This being said, will we battle do all the attractions without the passes?


Make Personalized TPs and Optimize them both with and without XP. That will give you a good idea of how much time you will save with them and help you determine whether the additional expense is worth it to you.

Hi, thank you, great suggestion! :grinning:

Have created the plans - I just added every attraction.
For USF, total wait time with the XP is 88 minutes less. For IOA, time saved is 162 minutes.
It does seem to be fairly substantial.

However, most of the wait times per attraction without the XP are under 20 minutes, which really isn’t bad. How accurate are these estimates?

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When I used TPs at UOR they were scary accurate - although there may have been some variations from ride to ride, overall I finished the plans within minutes of the estimated time.

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