Express Unlimited Passes for a one day trip

Hello everyone! My best friend and I are going to UOR at the end of May, 2019. We will be going to both parks (not the water park though) in one day, and I am contemplating getting an unlimited express pass. I have been once, but my best friend has never been. I want us to be able to take our time in the Wizarding World but still see most of the other big rides. I feel like it would be a lot more relaxed and enjoyable if we didn’t have to worry about wait times and not getting on all the rides we want. Touring plans is predicting a crowd of 7/10 for both parks.

Thoughts? It is a lot of money which isn’t great, but we will only be there one day.


I never recommend getting Express Pass but to do it all in one day, I think it’s the only way. Especially at that crowd level. If you could manage 2 days, you could probably get by without it. But then you’d have to pay for the second day!


You can always see if you need it? They see the pass at stands throughout the park .

I agree with this. I think to get everything done in a single day, having the Express Pass would certainly take the pressure off. Not sure you need to get the Unlimited pass…but if you are willing to pay the extra amount, go for it, since then you can enjoy more of the rides you like.

Yes - I would if I only had one day.

I always recommend Express Passes! Why wouldn’t you get one?

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Because they’re horrendously expensive and if you have a touring plan you don’t really need one.

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