Express Unlimited on High Volume

I know others have said there is no need for a touring plan with unlimited express plan, but is this true even on high volume, super busy days?

I always make a plan. It’s just a nice guide to have my day sorted out to make sure I have the show times in my day planned & a walking route. Even with UXP you’ll still have to wait in a queue on busy days - it’s just much shorter. Having a plan will make sure get to do all you want - especially if you are only going for a day or two.


I make sure I have my list of attractions and the order. It helps me not to forget what I want to do.

I like making a plan just because I think they’re fun to make and I think they give you a good understanding of where crowds will be throughout the course of the day.

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Of course this group may be a biased if you ask, “Should I make a plan?” :laughing:


My first/only prior visit was in July, which is generally very crowded (and, of course, extremely hot). I was amazed at how easy it was to tour the parks with unlimited express. There were crowds of people in the walkways, but there were virtually no meaningful lines for anything. They’d actually just added the HP rides to express passes within about a month prior to our trip, and these were so quick and easy. It’s amazing how much more you can get done than at Disney, even with FPs, and to get on a ride, enjoy it, and run right back to do it again is fantastic. I like to have a map in my head of the path we’re planning to take through the park, and a general idea of where I’m going to eat and break, but otherwise I don’t think it’s necessary to have any real plan.

ETA: I also wasn’t very hot for most of our time at the parks. A lot of the ride queues are in air conditioning or sufficiently shaded, and with the express passes you get very quickly into that shade or AC. I specifically remarked on how amazing it was to be in Orlando in July and not just wilting from the heat.