Express Transportation in Plan?

I’ve heard good things about the Express Transportation for Park Hopping, and think it will benefit our family even though we are traveling during a very low crowd level time of year - we will have 3 kids under the age of 6 so the “no bag check” security line is not an option for us.

Has anyone accounted for this transportation in their touring plans? I’ve been adjusting our arrival time at the park and starting with a break near the Express Trans stop, but I don’t love what this looks like in the plans. It would be nice if we could select additional entrances like in Epcot.

Interesting thought - you could specify in the first park plan that you are exiting at the Express Trans stop and in the second park plan that you are entering there. Hey @len - is this something that is feasible?

I’ll add this to the list. :slight_smile:

Thanks! If your list looks like anything like my feature request lists at work, it’s pretty long :slight_smile:

There’s some stuff there that dates back to the Louis XVI empire, I think. But we do pick tasks from it, especially if they tie in to other things we’re trying to do. This one might be part of a larger ‘transportation’ addition to the app for 2018.