Express transportation cancelled?

I was reading on a FB page that the express transportation option is being cancelled at the end of this month. Has anyone heard this or know of a link confirming it? We were going to try it on our next trip in about 6 weeks!

Looks like the last day to purchase passes for this is August 16, and the buses stop running August 23.

Sadness! I was looking forward to trying that!

Super bummed. We were planning to use it for our last day to park hop & hit our favorites!

Perhaps the Lyft Mini-Vans will have a backstage to backstage option.

THAT would be fantastic! And I’d be a little more excited about paying $20 per trip if that were the case.

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Not cool, now I am going to have to re-think my plans for September. Was going to use it to park hop each day

I am definitely disappointed, but not entirely surprised, since every review I read about the service commented on how uncrowded the buses were. :frowning:

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Boo-wanted to try it

Loved this service. Used it on three different trips. Was planning on using it with my senior mom on our next trip. Need to rethink the purchase of park hoppers now :pensive:

No no no no no no no NO NO NO!

C’MON!! This was one of the primary things I wanted to use on my next time! Argh.

We were planning to use it again on our stay at the end of the month. But, that’s an extra $100. in our pockets. It did help (saved me, actually) when I had a foot injury. So convenient to miss bag checks. Try as I may, I can’t seem to go without a lite backpack. Guess it just didn’t pull the $$$$.

I was pretty happy when I learned about the express transportation. Sad now.

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