Express Passes from the UK


Good morning

We are coming to Orlando for our honeymoon in May this year and while we are staying at WDW we also intend to visit Universal.

I have been looking into purchasing express passes probably for one of our days in the parks so we can get as much done as possible (also so I can stand in line less as I have an issue with my back after long periods of standing still) but still debating if it will be required. We are looking at probably the 10th and 14th May to visit for reference.

I would base the decision partly around the price of the passes but I am not sure of the best place to purchase from from the UK. I can find this Site to purchase them but it’s not immediately clear if these are the unlimited passes or not (I suspect not though) and if its possible to even see the price of the unlimited passes to compare.

Any advice/opinions on if the passes are going to be worthwhile/needed and how people from UK got them for best price would be much appreciated.




I don’t think they are needed and have never bought them, but if I did I’d probably get them direct from Universal. I’m not saying that’s the best/cheapest way because I don’t know but it’s probably the most straightforward.


Express passes are sold throughout the parks. I always wait until I am there to decide if I need one. You do not want to pay all that money and then not need them.


Thanks for the information, do you think without one but with a touring plan we could get through most things without too much queuing in 2 half days if we arrive in plenty of time for park opening and hit HP first? Crowd levels look to be 3/4




In 2 days definitely, 2 half days is probably pushing it. But I’ve never had CLs that low, so I couldn’t say from experience.