Express Pass- only way to get this?

I have been searching the forum and also just generally on the Internet. IS the express pass only available if you stay onsite in certain hotels at Universal? Can it be bought through Undercover Tourist? Thanks!

You can purchase it through Universal. The cost depends on the date and the type of pass:!4228!3!266640785453!p!!g!!universal%20express&ef_id=W43J6AAABNaYrr7T:20180903235520:s

Weird link but seems to work?

Thanks! I checked it out and priced tickets/express pass only versus staying on site. The pricing seems so steep! Trying to decide if we should stay our entire trip on site at Disney World and Uber/Lyft to Universal for 2 days or just stay at Universal first and then transfer to Disney World…

We just came back from a trip where we did 3 nights onsite at Universal then transferred for 7 nights at Disney. It was a great way to do both parks. The Express Pass at Universal was a game changer. Made touring so easy. And we did Pop at Disney, so a little less expensive.

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Thanks! This is exactly what we are considering as well. 3 nights at Universal and then 7 at Pop. We stayed at Port Orleans Riverside this past summer, so I was concerned about switching to Pop, but it would save us quite a bit. How was the bus transportation at Pop?

Pop was great. The renovated rooms are awesome. So nicely laid out. They run a lot of buses to and from Pop. We only waited more than ten minutes once. That was for Epcot. The waits listed for Epcot always seemed the longest for some reason. The buses were very crowded though. We stood a lot.