Express pass necessary now? Or does a good Touring Plan suffice?

Just wondering if the reduced crows reduce the value of Express pass to the point where just using the Lines App is enough to avoid long lines (to us that means over 20 minutes). A related question is if anyone has used Lines since reopening and if the recommendations and expected wait times are accurate based on the new crowds.

Meant to include we are considering an early August visit.

We will be there early August three days. We will not have, nor expect to need, Express Passes.

After watching that little debrief with Len and Steve the other day and their experience at animal Kingdom i think a good touring plan would suffice

I should add that in the times we have been to Universal, a touring plan was never really necessary. For our last trip, I made one, but soon abandoned it. It just wasn’t needed. We didn’t have express Passes then either, but we’re there during low crowds. Although not as low as they are now. Still, we finished each day by 3:00 pm.

If you are going Tues. - Friday you don’t really need UXP. The wait times are less than 10 minutes at most attractions. Even Sat. - Mon. isn’t that bad - usually still low with WWOHP rides only getting up to 30 - 45 minutes.

You can always buy UXP at any retail location throughout the park. It’s not something you have to purchase in advance. So, if you get there and it looks busier than you hoped you can get it then.

You’ll need the Universal Orlando App to book VIrtual Line Passes for Hagrid’s and any other ride that might be using VLP that day. The Universal App is all you’ll need this time.

Awesome. Thanks all!

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