Express Pass in May?

Hi all, How important would the express pass be for an early May trip? 3 days worth, we’ll have a full day sandwiched between two half days, a Tue-W-Th if that makes a difference. We are a family of 6 (kids will be 3, 5, 9, 11) so on the one hand EP will add up fast, on the other hand we don’t fit into any rooms except the $700+ ones, at least at Portofino Bay! We are thinking to switch our plan to Cabana Bay instead, and just buy EP, just one ride. Bc one of our sons gets motion sickness easily. And another isn’t super rides-brave yet. But then I saw someone mention annual passes get a big room discount, but then I saw some dates don’t need an EP, so now I’m spinning my wheels again! We’ve never done UO, huge Potter fans. Will travel with the 2 sets of grandparents, and possibly also my cousin, her DBF, and their 3 kids. TIA for any thoughts!

I’ve never paid for Express Pass and never will - we go in the heat and crowds of July or early August. With a plan we never wait longer than 25-30 minutes.

I’m inclined to think you would probably be okay without it. I can’t think of anything in early May that would draw huge crowds mid-week. With a plan, and some realistic expectations, I think you could have a fantastic time and get on most everything you want to get on without EP.

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Thank you both! Do you know, if we got nervous, could we buy Express Pass for just one day of our 3 days of tickets? Or is it like WDW hopper, an all or none kind of thing?

You could buy it in park for one day if needed. You can buy an option that allows you one ride on each of the rides that accept it, or an unlimited one you can use multiple times at each ride. Do not buy them in advance, but wait and see if you need it.

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Thank you!