Express Pass and line queues

Our first trip to Universal. We have the UExp pass. I have read that a number of the rides that accept UExp have queues that are worth experiencing at least once.

I have a two part question.

Which of these rides should we go through the standby queue?

Do we need to go through the standby queue the FIRST time we ride?

Forbidden Journey
Dragon’s Challenge
Despicable ME

THank you!

Definitely Gringotts and Forbidden Journey. Kong is good, Mummy is good, but I wouldn’t wait longer than 30 mins for either. I wouldn’t bother with the rest. Though I’ve never done Despicable Me, but to be honest with the length of the standby line I wouldn’t do it if it was the best queue in the world.

Thanks for your response.

And you think I need to do these queues the FIRST time we ride? The reason I ask is that we are arriving mid-day. For example, will it ruin the Gringott’s experience if we use the Express queue the first time we ride, and on the next day, get to the ride early in the day to experience the stand by line with a more reasonable wait.

I think it would be a better experience. But maybe not if it’s an hour wait or longer I guess! If you know you’re going to be riding again the next day, it’s probably not that important.

Personally, for the Harry Potter rides, I would want to do the queue the first time. They set you up so well for the ride that I would think for your first time you would want the full experience. If push comes to shove, I would just not do those the day you arrive and save them for the next day if the lines are too long.