Express pas

If we are only doing Harry Potter, is the express pass needed? It doesn’t look like the rides are included? Just want to make sure i’m looking at this correctly. We will stay onsite and have early admission.

Dragon challenge (; dualing dragon) and flights of hippo take exp but thats all. With early entry I wouldn’t bother with exp pass. Hit the Earl entry park for the rides. Take hogwarts exp to the other park when it opens do the rides then do shops wands etc getting train back to other park when ready. I have spent 4hrs in Hogsmead just wandering and taking everything in w/o doing any rides. There is a free e book on tp website that has all the hidden facts about wwohp I will post the link later. highly recommend the harry potter one

I however wouldn’t buy the pass if you plan on just doing HP

Where are you staying on-site? It’s my understanding that Hard Rock, Portofino & Royal Pacific offer the Ex P at no extra cost.

You’re right, it’s a perk of those resorts. Cabana Bay and Sapphire Falls are cheaper but don’t include Ex Pass.

If you are considering EX PASS - I would suggest just staying at one of those hotels. You can get some good deals. We plurged and stayed at Portafino. It was worth every last dime. Especially after a long day at the parks - you get back to the resort and CALM just rolls over you. If you are hungry - lots of great places to eat - we did eat pool side one evening. It was the most relaxing few hours of our trip. Wifie and I had some libations as the kids enjoyed the pool. Food was brought on nice dishes (not paper - the way they are sometimes done poolside) - we both thought “THIS” is a vacation.

So I just offer that up. I know it is a splurge for most (it was for us) - but well worth every last penny. You can save money by not having a great view (the view of the water is nice - but you enjoy it for about 3 minutes each day).

Service was phenomenal. I know this is a bit off topic - but when looking at the whole picture - accommodations - Express Pass - etc. this actually was a CHEAPER option. Express Passes are WELL WORTH IT - end of story, period - dropping the mic

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