Explain FP if stay at Dolphin for me?

I am looking at booking 2 nights at the Dolphin hotel so that way we can get the 60 days fastpass bookings as well as being close to HS when we go.

If I book a night at Dolphin I know I can get 2 adults plus 3 kids fastpasses in the system for our 1 room but is there any easy way to get 2 more fastpasses for those the others in our group who are staying off site? Can I link them to us or because they have to be listed on the room that doesn’t work?

Hate to leave them in the dust but want to maximize our time!

Any suggestions?


Yes you can link your friends to you on MDE under the “family and friends” option.

And then you will be able to book for them, as long as they have park tickets linked. They must do the same FPs as you.

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Awesome! I’ll check into this one. Seems too good to be true.


Not too good to be true, this is how it works. It could always be changed in the future.

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This is the kicker. You can’t just get them their own 60 FP (which you can do less than 30 days and day of), it has to be part of your party.

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They can change it at 30 days out if they want to.

But really, why shouldn’t it be this way? The whole point is to make them for your literal friends and family, so you can tour together. I’m sure that’s why they tightened it up a bit last year.

I don’t see a problem tbh. Otherwise it really could turn into an actual money making thing, where someone would link people to themselves and book FPs for them.