Expired Package Change Question

Back in January we booked 9/28 - 10/5 for free dining at Pop Century. We have since added a 2 night hotel stay at pop for 9/26-9/28. I called today to ask the question if the free dining could be updated to 9/26-10/5 and she said there was not availability at this time but I should keep calling and asking until our 30 day payment deadline.

Is this really a possibility that I could change the dates on a package that has been gone since February? I just do not want to waste my time but if there is even a slight possibility, it is worth my time to call. She actually gave me options for a suite at AOA or a room at port orleans that were quite a bit more expensive so I guess maybe it is.

If you want to add those extra two days, I would just book a room-only reservation.

If you really want the dining plan, you can do a “ticketless package” by calling, but you’d have to pay full price.

If you can manage without, you’d still have it for the switch day. And you could add a request to stay in the same room.

Thank you. Yeah, I already have a room only res for those two nights but if I can get “free” dining for the same price I don’t know why I wouldn’t.

I just assumed (perhaps incorrectly) that once a package was gone you couldn’t continue to move your dates around and keep the package and that’s not what I was just told.

It depends if the original offer covered all your dates. If it did, then if someone else cancels then maybe you’d be able to extend. I guess that’s what the CM was meaning.

But if the offer only applied to dates on or after 9/28, then you wouldn’t be able to add on those first couple of nights.

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Thank you so much for explaining it to me, it did apply so I’ll keep calling!

I believe you will need those two days to be included in your package to have access to your tickets?

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Good point!