Expiration Ticket Question

Hi everyone. We have a trip planned for September. We have 7 day tickets that are valid until Sept-2021 because of Covid. Were still not sure about going at this time. Maybe we will go but just visit a few parks. If we use those tickets, lets say 2 or 3 days, will the expiration date change? Will we be able to use the remaining days in 2021?

I’m pretty sure this is a no. If you begin to use the ticket then any unused days are just forfeit if you don’t use them by the end date. If you think you might go this year and next year then you should buy new tickets for the correct number of days you want to go this year and save your 7-day tickets for next year.

But what would be the end date? My tickets show Sept,26 2021 as the expiration date.

Looks like I answered my own question. I was able to get Park Reservations for my upcoming trip and also for next year using the same tickets. So looks like I’ll be able to use the remaining days next in 2021.

If you don’t use the 7-day tickets at all then they would expire on Sept 26, 2021. But if you didn’t use them at all you could apply the cost of them to future tickets. So while they do expire, you are not out your money.

I’m pretty sure that you can’t use a few days this year and a few days next year, even if the park reservation system is letting you reserve parks. They must be used within ten days of the first day you use.

Someone please correct me if I’m wrong. I feel like I just saw another post on this topic not long ago.

Were your tickets extended? If so then you may be correct, that you can use them any time between now and September 2021. Here’s a link to another thread: Unused ticket policy?

I didn’t understand that your tickets were extended due to Covid, just that they were valid until September.

Hard to tell…
Link from where this was found

Partially used multi-day theme park tickets with a usage window impacted by park closure, or date-specific theme park tickets purchased through June 6, 2020 with a valid use period beginning March 12, 2020 or later, will automatically be extended to use any date through September 26, 2021. If you are unable to visit by September 26, 2021, you may apply the value of a wholly unused ticket toward the purchase of a ticket for a future date.