Expert Speculation Wanted

We’re taking a trip Sept 2020 (first visit for Grandma and for my four kids!)…and I have two questions…
1-any idea when/if the rides in SWGE will convert to using FastPass?
2-any speculation out there as to when/if “Star Wars Guided Tour” will return? by Sept 2020 maybe?

The Star Wars Guided Tour is at the top of my mom’s “want to do” list, so I’m really hoping it will be available again by then!

All rumors & speculations welcome!

I read so many Disney parks articles / blogs. None of them have even hinted at when FPP will start at either WDW or DLR.

Hopefully, once RotR opens at each park we’ll start to hear some news about the future of FPP and tours. I wouldn’t be surprised if we have to wait to even hear rumors until early 2020.


I was told today from Signature Services that the word coming down the pipeline is no FP+ for the first year are planned.

Plaid only for the expected future. No word there from anyone inside WDW.


Makes sense. I can totally see them waiting until 2021 / The 50th before adding it.

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Oh, I hope so! And I hope this means they are keeping the current tiers at HS as well. At least through May, when our trip is. I keep waiting for them to put the tiers back, which would be unfortunate.

I think you are pretty safe. MMRR might get a Tier A I imagine. Otherwise I really don’t see anything changing.

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I don’t know the answer to your question, but you must have an awesome mom!

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