Experiences with walk up list?


I’m wondering whether I’ll get the Garden Grill or 50’s prime time ADRs with the reservation finder, but I’m curious what everyone’s experience with the walk up wait list has been? Can you walk around while you’re waiting? Is it better to do earlier or later?

With the crowds being less and less attractions I could definitely imagine putting 60 minutes or so aside to wait in line for one of those experiences.


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I am also considering waiting for a walk up for The Plaza.

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BOG here.

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We’ve had no luck with walk up lists so far. They’ve only had availability for a party of 6 or more, and I was told that they will not seat you if you show up with fewer people.

I did, however, manage to get a last minute dinner ADR for 2 yesterday at 50s Prime Time.


Can you be anywhere in the park to join or do you need to be within proximity (and stay close?) for the walk-up list?

Also, can you join a list at any point in the morning or only when it opens?

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Boooooo on them! :frowning:

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They’ll have an estimated time, and that’s when you’ll be called… it’s like putting your name down at a regular restaurant, so if it says 45 minutes and you join then they could call you in 45 minutes.

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Mouse dining just got me a BOG ADR for first full week in June if anyone is looking!