Experiences of MCO club lounge (Terminal A)?

Virgin holidays offering us £250 for a family of 6 to use the MCO club lounge before we fly home to the UK in August.

Anyone used it - is it worth it? My dad’s quite an anxious traveller and I’m wondering if it might alleviate things…or if it’s just somewhere else to have to cross the arport to get to… and realistically how long we’ll have in there after we’ve cleared security….

All opinions welcome :blush:

I haven’t used that particular lounge. But I have used paid-for and status-based lounges.

£250 seems like a huge amount of money to me. I don’t think MCO is a particularly bad airport to wait in. The areas by the gates are bright and airy with lots of seating. The shops and restaurants are nearby.

Lounges can get surprisingly crowded and the food and drink offerings can be disappointing. They vary widely in the level of luxury and service they offer.

What else could you do with £250?

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My initial instinct is it’s not worth it. I’ve not been in that lounge, but I have United club access with my United credit card and visit their lounges with every flight, and they are fine. As Matt said, quality varies, and also the size of the lounge. We’ve often had to split up our family of four to have a place to sit.

The only thing that might make it worth it - the lounge Virgin seems to use at MCO has showers. If you are going to be at the parks before going to home in August, it might be worth it to have a shower and be refreshed before your long journey home.

That’s not the lounge the OP is talking about. Virgin uses the Delta Sky Club. That’s a different lounge from The Club at MCO. Virgin is upselling someone else’s lounge in this offer.


Thanks, sounds like that’s two votes against :slight_smile:

We are doing the parks during the day (we fly at 9pm) but POFQ has showers so our plan is to do late afternoon by the pool and then shower there before our pickup.

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I don’t know, what could I do…? I’m open to suggestions :smiley_cat: