Experience with dining plan changes

Are you still able to pay for others using your credits?

Yes. Last week they just asked to scan the Magic band of someone at the table and as long as they were on the plan, they didn’t question whether others were.

Note: We never specifically tried ordering more meals than people on the plan (ex 4 people on plan but requesting to use credits for 6 to dine) but I got the impression they wouldn’t question it.

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For clarity, if there are 5 people at the table but we order 4 mealS (same amount of people on the dining plan) then they’ll just scan the band?

Yes. We never had anyone ask to scan more than 1 magic band. We did a lot of weirdness. (Ex. Party of 6. Paid for 3 entrees using credits and then paid for a cheaper entree and appetizers with cash.)

If it’s a buffet or dining package (Fantasmic, rivers of light) or the like, you’ll need to have one meal per person, but otherwise you can split meals and utilize credits for whatever parts you like.

following this topic on another board, and people state that they have been able to use as many credits as they wish for their whole party (adult credits for adult meals, child credits for child meals). I haven’t seen any reports of problems.

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(I thought) we were going to have to pay for one entire TS meal (GF Cafe) out of pocket but after reading this, maybe we just pay for my wife and MIL’s meals (generally eat the least) out of pocket at 2 TS restaurants and use their TS credits for sure there’s who might order steak or an expensive item at Gf Cafe.

I guess Disney is more ok with this than sharing meals for TS credits (from what I’ve read).

Am I thinking about this correctly?

We did some meal sharing and some “please use dining credits for the 3 most expensive entrees” and all of our servers acted like both were completely normal and acceptable.

Except for the very confused server at Tiffins, but that was more an individual issue than policy.

By doing this, we were able to stretch 6 meals of TS credits to cover the bulk of the cost for 6 meals that included one that was double credits (Tiffins). We were somewhat limited in being able to do it more since we did several buffets and dining packages where 1 meal/person is required.

In planning, it was helpful for us to know our Tiffins package towards the end would be $68/person or 2 credits, so we used $34 as our cutoff to pay for a meal vs use credits. Remember to include beverage + entree as cost of meal, and dessert if applicable. (We’re not huge dessert people, so 1-2 to split along 6 of us was fine.)

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