Experience on getting new time for FPP?

Has anyone had any luck on getting a new FPP time for a particular attraction by checking daily, similar to checking for ADRs? I snagged A&E for our first day in MK, but it's not until 7:50 p.m. We have a non-park ADR that evening and had not planned to return to MK after it. Since it's A&E do you think the chances are pretty slim? I have another FPP for another day scheduled, I can switch this one to something else, but if there is a chance a new time might come open my girls would love to meet them our first day there.

Thoughts? Experiences?


I'm trying to change my time for my 7DMT FPP for 8/28 and have had no luck. I've been trying each day. I'm going to keep trying. If I can't get it, no big deal- I'm just glad to have it. I'm not changing my FPP for A&E- was lucky to get it for 8/27 at 9:50 a.m. Good luck!

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I was able to move around EE a couple of days out but never could change my 7DMT time.