Experience modifying CL FP with DSS

I called in today to tweak some of my fastpass times that I booked through DSS, 90 days in advance under the CL FPP program. The ones I were modifying were my regular (first three) ones. I am now 73 days from arrival date, so I guess window is open for those with a 14 day-stay. I wanted a 9 am 7DMT, but Cm said she only had 9:25. Then she said, “let me book and try to modify that,” and she instantly had a 9:15. She did the same for my next two. When we were done, I went to MDE and was able to immediately move the 9:15 up to 9 a.m. I then moved my 10:15 Splash up to 10 immediately. Then moved BTMRR from 11:25 to 11:15 and then 11:10. I was just surprised at how much constant “movement” there is even 73 days out. Just FYI for those of you booking with DSS, that what they see is in constant flux and modifying on MDE can get you the exact times you want.