Expedition Everest - Near attraction for 4 yr old?

Going to AK in October with a 4 and 6 yr old. Altough adventurous, my 4yr old wont be tall enough for EE. Need a close diversion close to EE for my wife and 4yr old while my 6yr old and I ride EE?(id consider ride swap but I think 4yr old jealousy rage)

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There aren't any attractions next to it, but if your wait is less than 20 mins, you could just take the 4y/o into the store at the end to browse. Lots of neat things in there. There is also a refreshment cart nearby. For longer waits, a bit further away is the Boneyard play area and other Dinoland attractions. Finally, they could wait for you in Africa while watching the drummers or DeVine, or having a refreshment.

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I absolutely agree with the idea about the Boneyard. Our four-year-old would spend hours in there if she could. It isn't too terribly far from EE (about 5-10 minutes for toddler legs) and is a place where your wife and 4-year-old could hang out and then you could bring the 6-year-old over for a little additional time.

If your child is into it, the Wilderness Explorers program is really fun! There are several badges right near EE. And the gift shop is a lot of fun, too, and basically air conditioned, so that's always a plus.

Monkey island is nearby for some viewing distraction.

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There's also a soft serve ice cream truck near FoW, about 100m from EE, nice place to munch and sit for a while.

A few kid friendly attractions in Dinoland.

Another for the Boneyard, the 4 year old would even notice the 6 year old going. Luckly our 4 year old was tall enough and went on several times. But he adored the bone yard and an ideal place for mum and Dad to chill

I went on EE last week with my 6 year old, and my 4 year old was taken to the "Monkey Island" to watch them. EE was a walk on though, so we weren't gone long.

If Dinoland isn't your thing, might be worth a wander to the bridge by Kali River Rapids and use the buttons to squirt the people on the ride as they go past. My 4 year old would still be there now if she'd had her way smile

The Maharajah Jungle Trail is also not too far away. If coming from Africa, you could part ways by the "monkey island", and the EE riders could continue on. After the ride, they could meet back up with you at the trail.

great ideas everyone! Thanks for the help!