Expected arrival time

If I have an 'Ohana ADR at 5:15, I can expect to be at AK by…???

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They start bringing out food at Ohana pretty much the minute you sit down. You can reasonably finish dinner in an hour or less if that is your goal.

The times we’ve been there, they’ve been pretty good about seating us within 10 minutes of arrival.

Then, assuming you can catch a bus out front of the Poly without waiting too long, the ride is only about 15-20 minutes.

Assuming all those things hold true, I’d say you could be there no earlier than 7 pm, or as late as 8:00 pm depending on your timing and your luck with the bus.

You’ve been lucky! Ohana is well known for seating people very late.


We always get the 5 pm time slot to avoid just that :wink:. I think as the night goes on, they get further behind? This past trip we had 4:50 and they took us straight back.

I’ve seen reports in chat of being seated late at 4pm. No time is safe!

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Your right. Probably best to plan for a long wait, and take it as a bonus if seated right away!

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