Exit at International Gateway after Illuminations?

We are staying at ArtofA, and so aren’t in an Epcot resort for the “official” use of International Gateway. I want to use Disney Transportation after Illuminations but avoid the crowd bottleneck with my little kids, as much as possible.

After Illuminations, can we leave from IG, take a bus or boat to HS, then get a bus to ArtofA? will it be too late to go to HS (i.e. will the bus/boat still be running)? HS closes after 8:00 Fantasmic that night.

Thanks in advance for helping me clarify the transportation confusion!

Your best bet, IG, Walk to Beach Club, and grab a cab to AoA. HS and a bus will not be any faster than walking to the front of Epcot for a bus. Plus, you can stop by Beaches & Cream.

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that’s a little disappointing. if we were thinking of Beaches & Cream, and have a car on property, can/should we park at Beach Club?

and a little randomly: do you have to have a reservation for ice cream at Beaches & Cream? what if you have your heart set on the Kitchen Sink?

I don’t think you need a reservation to park. As for the kitchen sink, you DO need a reservation to sit most times, but they do have take out, including a mini Mickey kitchen sink. I’m not sure how late they’re open though.

I was listening to a podcast least werk (maybe Be Our Guest?). They mentioned they tried to get an ice cream at ab& C window, and the wait was over an hour. They said they went to the Fountain at the Swan/Dolphin.

Yes, the to-go window at B&C has a limited menu. Kitchen sink will be table service only and that requires ADR.
Parking at all the Delux resorts usually requires a ADR, but it’s up to the gate guard depending on crowd level. During F&W, Breach club will be very strict.

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