Exciting yet also so disappointing...magic bands

So with all the magic band upgrade availability issues. I’ve been regularly checking everyday for bands for the whole family. Finally got four bands we all liked but we are 5+ months away from our trip in January. Disney mailed them out and we got them today. It makes sense for them to mail it while they are in stock and we’re excited to have gotten them. But unlike our previous trip when getting the magic bands meant we were days away from our trip, we are still months away this time. We could have waited of course to upgrade the bands but were just nervous we wouldn’t get 4 we liked in December/January. Oh well.

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May I ask why are you disappointed? It seems like you got everything you asked for. You will still have the anticipation of getting your DME luggage tags.

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It’s just a bit anticlimactic isn’t it?

If you are used to getting them 4 weeks or so before your holiday and that’s your sign to get really excited because your holiday is just around the corner, and you need to finalise your plans and get packing etc, obviously if you get them now and get really excited, you’re then going to think - oh but I don’t go for 5 months, ugh.

Yes sorry I wasn’t clear. In the past getting the magic bands was our sign the trip was coming up and that isn’t the case this time, Not really a complaint because you are right we got everything we wanted. You are right we’ll get the DME tags close to the trip. But the magic bands are so much more fun the DME tags. But we did get the luggage tags and our magic extras card with the band (the stuff they normally send with the magic bands logically came too)

I guess this was just a heads up in case people didn’t know they ship premium band upgrades immediately. Embarrassingly just a First World Problem.


It makes since if you have a regular pattern for preparing and anticipating your WDW vacation.