Excitement for July 2015 Visitors! My Magic Bands Have Shipped!

I just got my email this morning (strangely at like 2:30 AM) that my Magic Bands have shipped! Sooooo excited. Anyone else coming in July and super thrilled?

On a side note, my Magical Express tags came & the yellow tag portion was for the WRONG guest & hotel! AH! I called and they promised to send replacements ASAP. Makes me nervous that some other person has my yellow tags… I hope I do not get a bunch of luggage for some other tourist!


Well, if you do, just hope they have great choices in luggage and clothing! (I kid, of course.)

I did the right thing and told Magical Express the name on the tag that was sent to me… So they would contact her to let her know (just in case she’s a space cadet & doesn’t look at the tag before putting it on her suitcase).


When are you going? We will be there 7/22 - 7/31. I guess I should personalize our MBs soon!

We are going 7/2 to 7/8 - high volume time apparently, due to 4th of July.

July is busy all month! Be sure to hydrate! It gets VERY hot.

I got the same email this morning. 29 days!! My sister and I will be there during the same time period. We are celebrating the 40th anniversary of our first trip to Disney World.

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That is so awesome! :slight_smile: We will be sweating it out at the same time!

I didn’t get mine yet, but now I’ll be on the lookout for it. We’ll be there 7/5-7/11. So excited!

I bet your going to get an email tomorrow morning!!!

It will be the highlight of my day!



Darn no email today! Maybe tomorrow. I’m 30 days out today.

I just checked the tracking number and mine are being delivered today!!! So excited!

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I wish I could get DW to pick a color so I can order the darn things. Can you tell she’s not a Liner? :smiley:

Just pick a color for him/her!!! It’s so fun to get them in the mail and try them on & imagine your there!

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My MB’s are being shipped now too! So excited. We’re celebrating our honeymoon there 7/05-7/9


Congrats! That’s so exciting, what a magical way to spend your honeymoon!

I’m going insane thinking about Disney! In 2 weeks exactly my feet will land in FL!