Example of touring plan with G+?

I’d appreciate seeing any examples of DL or DCA touring plans with G+. The touring plans automated system keeps giving me very few G+ reservations, giving me G+ reservations for only the ones where I’ve read it saves less time anyway, or scheduling my first for late in the day. I tried the advanced step of inputting my own but have no idea if I’m being realistic to assume I can get what I want when I’d like it. I’d love to see a few examples of how people have created touring plans (ideally on the tp website, but if not that’s cool too) that include G+.

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I love doing a TP just to have an idea of the walk-time/attraction time & a very rough estimate of what TP’s (limited for DL) data of the waits. Because the base for DLR is more more local, frequent visitors & less of a destination TP doesn’t employ a lot of resources to get more consistent data.

If I want to be more confident in a plan or I’m just not sure of what the current trends are in DL, what I do when crafting a plan is find a day that has the same operating hours, expected crowd level & ideally same or very similar entertainment schedule to the day I’m planning & then on that similar day, watch the times on the DL app to compare. Looking at both the LL/ILL return times & waits as if I were following my plan that day. If I’m lucky I can find a couple of these before I leave & use those “runs” to make adjustments and more importantly notes to myself of what other options or pivots to watch for.

And then my absolute #1 rule with DL is, throw out the plan whenever DL throws you a different than expected wait or ILL/LL return time. Because more often than not you’ll find unexpected LL/ILL times ahead of your schedule & allow you to have more flexible PMs/evenings. Because of this, I like to really only plan the first few hours of each morning & then have really unstructured afternoons/evenings with several options of where to eat/what filler stuff to do & really only structure the night around which nighttime spectacular(s) we are doing.

I’m sorry I don’t have a really good example of what I’m talking about because I haven’t started planning of my DL days this summer, but I promise you that the very vast majority of DL TP subscribers are using that plan as a checklist rather than a specific “do in this order” plan like you would for WDW.


We were in DL end of Feb./beginning of March with Genie+. I found touring plans to be more of a reminder of what I hoped to accomplish that day. The plan was useful for about the first hour or two, primarily for attractions that did not use LL. I used the wait times on Genie to plan on the go for the rest of the day, booking LLs that had times that were coming up soon and minimized walking.


I have been tracking LL times on the Disneyland app. My plan is that regardless of what the TP suggests, I am going for Indiana Jones, Space Mountain, Guardians LLs earlier in the day as I am seeing LL availability into the evening when it is still mid morning. TSMM and HM are well into the afternoon for LL.

Much different than the times I was seeing in February.

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Look in LA Cava for DLR drops. I always book Indy right away, as soon as I scan in hoping for a GT, then modify as needed.

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IJ was under refurbishment during our Feb. trip. Our previous trip in 2022, we did not buy Genie+. So, this will be our first time using LL for Indiana Jones. This will also be our first trip to DL during a school break.