EWP Dinner Theatre

So I’m not just interested in watching the Electrical Water Pageant. I am curious about making a dinner reservation and watching it from our table.

When I’m there, Wishes isn’t until 10pm, so what I’d like to do is make an ADR that has the BEST viewing of EWP, and then we can leave and watch Wishes from somewhere else before heading to bed.

Any suggestions for the best/closest restaurant to EWP? One that plays the music?


I was able to hear the music from my room at CR.

Might I suggest getting some pot stickers and nachos and a Lapu to go and sitting on the beach at the poly to watch?

Or take a short walk to GF and watch from there if the construction is obscuring your view. Then you can also watch wishes from there.

California Grill would be your best option (I think) for an ADR type venue.

Beach picnic is definitely a good suggestion! But part of the reason I’m looking for an ADR is we’ll be dining with my parents, who prefer seated, full-service meals. I think it’s likely they’ll head to bed after dinner, so DGF and I will likely do something like that (focusing on the lapu) to watch Wishes.

I’ll look into CG. Thanks!

Hmmm… CG might be the better option I think because of the possible view. It’s not on the water though. Just thinking you might be high up enough to see it.

I have to ponder this further. Hopefully some other liners might have some good suggestions.

You can definitely see the EWP from CG as we watched it last week, however, only some of the tables actually face that direction. We were actually in a back room with no fireworks view to speak of. It was still wonderful and we just walked out onto the observation deck to watch but you can def. see it from there.

By the by the meal was astoundingly good… and expensive. It was $180 for the two of us. We each had one grown up drink, one app, two mid priced entrees, and two desserts plus tip. By far the most we’ve ever paid for a meal, but if it says anything we’ve already agreed that we’ll go back every time we get to Disney. And of course you can do it more reasonably than the all out splurge we did lol.

Oh that reminds me… @MagicMN CG has a blood orange moscow mule that I liked a lot better than the Pine Tree ones we had the other night lol.


Funny how addicting those pine trees became