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Hi liners! After one great day at IOA this summer, I was all in for an OI event. I’m doing Saturday 12/10! I’m going with my best friend, who spent a conference evening at UO back in December 2014 but hasn’t been back since, and a AP-holding local friend. Now that I’ve been back from my big family WDW trip I’m ready to get down to planning business for December.

Any liners have insight into a touring plan for this night? I’d like to do the headliners (high on list is the Mummy, Gringotts, Forbidden Journey, Hagrids, Velocicoaster) but also wanting to hit up the “secret” bar at the Mummy and a good amount of snacks between rides. Optimally we would do Wizarding World in chronological order. I’d love any tips from you liners!


Make sure you tackle the ones that close early sooner than late. I think it’s the roller coasters like Hagrids and hulk because they make too much noise for the neighbors. There was no more than 5 minute lines for anything but Hagrids when we went so don’t worry about a touring plan based on line lengths. What does have long long long lines is the food and it does run out so if you have priorities hit em early. For example bumbleman tacos and Florean fortescues were much longer than daytime lines and by the time we waited a bit for tacos they ran out. I honestly would pick one or two special snacks and knock ‘em out early and then ride rides. The best part about this event was the 5 min lines for everything.

I’m gonna see if I can remember what we did last year as far as touring. I know we got in line for VC during the early entry part and that took up that entire time. We hightailed it to Hagrids first which had been closed due to Lightning during closing so it had like a 15 min line. Normally it’s longer than this from what I’ve read and it was an hour by the time we got out I’m sure. Then we just went in a circle riding the other HP rides, to JP, Marvel, Suess and then we crossed over from Seussland back entrance. We did RRR from there and continued that way thru New York, London/Diagon Alley/MIB etc. The teens just rode all the roller coasters over and over and over like 10 times.


I will be there for the entire week leading up to the Friday night OIM! I really wanted to do two nights, but my wife isn’t interested. Can’t wait! I’m praying to get on Pteranodon Flyers!!


We’ll be there both 12/9 and 12/10!


Try to do shows (or even any must-try food using food card) during the hours open to the public. Note that when exclusive hours hit, the Harry Potter areas remain pretty crowded (relatively speaking) for an hour or two. Pay attention to the list of early ride closures (and note the early food closures) so you don’t put off any must-dos and then lose chance to do it. Most everything except for Hagrid’s should be a walk-on or close to it. Hagrid’s will probably still have a significant line.

Best thing is to tune in here as people start giving reports on experiences in November and early December (I’ll be going Dec. 2), so you can see what to expect this time around—they are slightly different experiences each time.


Any estimate to how long you waited? That’s a good tip to get snacks early. Do snacks start at 8 pm when the event technically starts?

You normally need a kid under 36” to ride, yes? Is that requirement waived for the event?!

Yes!! My kid is an adult now! You are entered into a “lottery” to get a ticket to get on it. I’m, literally, paying the price of admission to get on this and complete my Universal checklist!

The food is another bonus. I’m going to go to the least popular places that I wouldn’t normally “pay” for! (and maybe one or two favorites…mostly sample bites of a lot. There’s no way to eat everything! I see too many vloggers try and by the fourth stop they’re done!)

OIM states:

"Fridays: On Friday, November 18, December 2, and 9, unlimited Food & beverage service will begin BY 8 pm and conclude at 11:30 pm.

Saturdays: On Saturday, November 19, December 3, and 10, Food & beverage service will begin BY 9 pm and conclude at 12:30 am."

Good to know. I was thinking we might delay WW for a bit but I also don’t want to miss Hagrids. Decisions decisions. Do you think the Hagrids line stays at ~1 hour the whole night (unless you catch it after being down)?

Absolutely I’ll be here!

I believe it said on an email when they opened but I know they were not opened right at the beginning…I think it was like an hour delay (probably to get the non OI people out of the park first).

I didn’t wait for the ice cream and gave up on the tacos after 20 minutes. Rode Simpsons came back out and they were out of tacos. Given we started in IOA, this was probably closer to the end of the event but I cannot remember the exact time.

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Best of luck…I entered that lottery and didn’t get it :frowning: I loved that ride when my kids were young and I could ride it. It has a bad rep but I think it’s very fun.


That’s amazing. Do you need to visit the line queue to enter the lottery?

That’s a good idea. I don’t like butterbeer (ducks in case of thrown objects) but my friend does, so that’ll probably be a stop. I’ll try to figure out when the line will be least terrible for that.

Really? A bad rep? I feel like I only ever see comments about “borrowing” children in order to ride it.


No, they do the lottery before the event. I think about a week before you get notified if you got a slot.


They no longer offer all the specialty WWHOP drinks only the Butterbeers. I’m going to use the $15 gift card before the event starts to buy the two I haven’t tried. (Pretty sure I won’t like them, so this way it’s “free”)

I’m so excited I’ve already mapped out my night. (Everything is contingent on the PF lottery. However, the choices should be the same and flexible)

Plus, I really want to play the Springfield carnival games that are included. I don’t care about the prizes. I just love that kind of stuff!

My list of eateries that I going to sample are:

Thunder Falls Terrace (I haven’t been in ages - not since they changed the menu)
Blondies - Gotta get that sandwich!
Wimpy’s - This is a “maybe”. It’s my favorite burger and too easy to eat too much
Circus McGurkus - All the tots from Green Eggs & Ham

Finnegan’s - Maybe (Does anyone actually love it? Even the best reviews are “It’s pretty good”.)
Louie’s - I’ve never had the pizza!
Florean Fortescue’s - I will eat all of it!
Hot Butterbeer!!
Fast Food Blvd - Maybe (I’ve hated it in the past. Second chance!)

I realize that I still need to cut that list down! It’s on the last night of a week long trip. I don’t plan on eating the whole day leading up to that night!! (That’s what helped me devour the entire HRH breakfast buffet!)

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What a terrific list! Mammoth Club just put out a video about only eating potatoes at IOA/USF and it just so happens potatoes are my best friend’s favorite food. She’s going to want butterbeer and Florean’s but I’m going to pick out some other potato based snacks.

Am I crazy if my itinerary has us entering through USF riding the train between Diagon Alley and Hogsmeade, doing things in IOA then going back to USF? I though I heard about a walkway connecting the parks such that you didn’t have to exit and re-enter by CityWalk.

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yes b/w Seussland and the Front Lot of USF.

I’ve never actually taken the path, but from vlogger descriptions I believe this is how it connects…(?)