Everything booked for 2021?

I was planning on an April 2021 trip but now I notice when I check Undercover Tourist and other travel sites ALL WDW resorts are completely booked up.
Disney’s own site won’t look at check-in dates past the end of 2020.

Anybody else noticing this?


You can book a room only reservation up to 499 days in advance. However, if that date falls after 12/31/20, you will need to call to make that reservation until the packages get released (sometime in June usually).

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You can always call Disney to reserve a room. I don’t think 2021 availability is made on-line until around July.

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OK thanks for the replies.
I know before they shut down I was checking out dates and prices at a bunch of sites but I guess they were all in 2020.
When I asked the websites, they just said “keep trying” without any of the detail you provided.
OK panic averted. Back to coffee.

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I noticed this same thing, I Am booked for jan/feb, and before the shutdown the dates were definitely available online to book. (Not for the whole year, but through Feb) I looked every now and then to watch for price changes. Now you can’t book past December 31. Very odd to me.

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You would have to call to book after Dec. 31. They don’t open up online reservations for the following year until around July.

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I booked a room-only reservation for 2021 through a Disney travel agent, no problem.

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I am booked, off site, for first week of March 2021! :european_castle::roller_coaster::tada::heart:

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I’m going to have to give that a whirl, see what kind of money we’re looking at.
I was leaning towards renting DVC points but man, risking that kind of money nearly a year in advance… yikes.
Time to put a dollar sign on peace of mind.

The website wasn’t showing dates in 2021 for me at all before the shutdown. I looked multiple times over a period of several weeks. As mentioned above, I had to call to book a room-only reservation. The cast member said packages for the following year weren’t available until the Summer.

I wasn’t even looking for packages from Disney.

What I found alarming enough to start this topic was that when I tried to check out Disney Hotel only rates on Undercover Tourist for 2021 they were all coming up Sold Out.

When I asked them if this was a technical issue or if somehow every single unit on property was actually sold out, they didn’t explain anything about dates or issues on their side, just “try back again later”.

Strange. I assume that they wouldn’t post rates on their websites until Disney released them and they could be certain of the rates. You’d think that would be the response.

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Yeah. Seems like an odd response when this is business as usual.

Mind you the whole thing strikes me as an odd quirk for Disney: anyone preferring to book a package for early January will only have a few days before the 180-day ADR window opens.

They can go ahead and book the room only now and add the package later.

True if they phone.
It just seems an odd quirk to me.


I think it has more to do with keep flexibility to increase rates. If they let people purchase packages 1-2 years before the trip they’d lose on the price increases (which appear to happen several times a year lol)