Everglades help

We are staying at AKL in August and would like to do a trip to the Everglades would we be better of getting a taxi there or doing one with transport included

It’s a 3:5 hour drive so a taxi would be very expensive. You should look at bus options.

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Really thought it was about 1 hour away

It’s really close to Miami so If you ever go there you can easily do it.

I went to this last May-- https://everglades.com/ It was an hour drive out of Miami, not too far off the path out to Key West. It would easily be 4 hour drive from Orlando.

It was cool to see the Alligators and a 1/2 dozen other types of animals in a small zoo. Liz the Alligator handler was an engaging performer. Airboat rides were fun, adequate value for the price, even though it leaned a bit towards perfunctory at times. Used a Groupon for reduced price. Nice to do once. Can’t believe my wife spent as long as she did on her hair the day we were going to ride on the air boat.

The value of the trip was somewhat tarnished by the $20 bill back from the rental car company for the toll road license plate reads + another $160 from a traffic light camera in Homestead for not coming to a complete stop before doing a “right on red”. They had a website where I could watch a video of my car not coming to a complete stop, just like the car before me and the car after me. They must be making bank.

If I was really going to do the everglades, I’d spend a day hiking around Pa-Hay-Okee Lookout Tower. That’s about another 30 minutes in to the park.