Ever regretted NOT buying the Magic Memory Maker?

Yes, exactly, what a beautiful shot ! Those pictures, I don’t think we could get them ourselves !


This! We wouldn’t wait in line, but if only one or two people were in line, we would hop in. We ended up with over 100 pics.


Just buy it and then its done. You wont regret it. You get so many pictures. All ride picture, character pictures, and when ever you see a photographer (and there is lots of them) just stop a moment and get a few photos with everyone in the picture. Note: At character meals there are not photographers that come to your table. You have to take your own pictures there.

Off Subject; I just got back from Disneyland Paris. Anyone reading this. DO NOT get their photo pass. Biggest waste of money ever.

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First timer here. So starting on Day 1, arriving via ME to the WL, immediately to ferry to MK, when and where to the photo ops start? Are there signs or symbols? What do the roaming photographers look like?

Hi, this is very interesting, would you mind expanding on that a little please ?

In MK you will see several of them on main street to do nice shots with the castle behind. They are easy to recognize:

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You can also look in the app!

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If I remember right it was 79€ and all we got was 7 pictures. (4 of them ride pictures)
The ride pictures were over animated and looked cheesy.
After Rope drop we went to Princess Pavilion and still had to wait for 50 minutes for 3 pictures with one princess.
And the worst part was there was not one single photographer on the streets of Disney, except at ‘Character spots’ (Which were rare and had huge line ups.)

We LOVED Disneyland Paris. Touring was easy like Disneyland back in the 80s But the PhotoPass is a waste of money.


Due to getting an annual pass, I’ll have access to MM for the first time next year. In the past we’ve never had it, and I don’t regret it. It just didn’t make sense. Perhaps if we had gotten it we would have liked the pictures, but having NOT gotten it before, we didn’t care.

The truth is, MOST of the pictures I see posted that are from MM are either Character meet and greets (which we don’t care about), on-ride photos (which are fine, but I hate the “effects” they sometimes add to them), or the ones where they have people pose and they digitally add something (which I find annoying, because I want pictures of what we experienced, not what we didn’t experience).

Still, it will be interesting to have access to it for the next two trips to see if I’m swayed in my opinion on the subject!

Thanks - very useful ! :smiley:

MM and staying onsite are the two things I’ll never ever regret or waffle over. I’ll bring and eat nothing but saltines first, lol. They take some great shots, and capture some truly magical moments.


We have been AP holders for years, so get MM included, but if we had to pay for it I would. I have so many great pictures from our trips over the years, and the best thing is that we’re all in so many of them.

This is one of my favorites. DD was 2 - she’s 5 now. She was so excited to see Mickey she almost knocked him over! I could never have got this shot myself since I was behind her.



Alright, you all have convinced me! I cancelled an ADR and we’ll do mm instead. Thanks!