Evening Shows

I’m not sure that we will be able to make it to all of the evening show during our August trip. 5 years ago, we saw illuminations, wishes, and electrical parade. Fantasmic kept getting canceled due to rain.

This year, we will be seeing Hallowishes at the Halloween party (assuming the weather cooperates) and are doing a meal package that includes Rivers of Light. If we are going to do one or two other shows, which are the best to see? My boys will be 13 and 15 when we go.

I would vote for HEA.

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Fantasmic is still worth seeing! And if anyone is a Star Wars fan, the evening Star Wars show. Timing make sit usually impossible to see both on the same night though - they want you to go back!

Illuminations will be finishing, probably beginning or end of September, although an actual date hasn’t been announced. An interim show called “Epcot Forever” will start immediately (probably the following night).


Since you’re seeing an MK fireworks show, even though it’s my very favorite, I think you can miss HEA this time.

Fantasmic is just okay for me.

Illuminations is going away, so that gets my vote for you for this trip this time.

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