Evening shows - which would you choose?

Well, we just put down the deposit for trip #2 (!!!), and instead of doing the work I need to catch up on, I’m trying to figure out a preliminary plan for what to see/which park to visit on which day. We’re going Sept. 9-14, and last time we only got to see HEA. Now that we’ve got a five-day ticket, I want to make sure we see some of the nighttime shows!

So here’s my questions:

  1. If you can only pick three, what are your picks, between HEA, Illuminations, Rivers of Light, and Fantasmic?

  2. How do you have dinner AND catch these shows? I don’t want to decide between something tasty and fireworks! Should I just make late or super early reservations? We loooved Jiko, and I’d really like to try the Yachtsman Steakhouse.

Thx, all :slight_smile: you’re both wonderful and a terrible distraction.

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(I should also add that I’m 95% sure we’re going to do the HEA Dessert Party. Cause my friend does not like to stand in large crowds for long amounts of time.)

  1. HEA, Illuminations, and ROL

  2. We eat dinner early.

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From my experiences:

For 1. HEA <—huge gap—> Fantasmic and then Illuminations

For 2. Our family ate dinner about and hour and a half to two hours before each show, that way we had enough time to eat then get in line/a standing section (if we didn’t have a FP)!


Are you planing Star Wars fireworks on another nightFromyour list: HEA, IllumiNations, RoL.

If a show is around 8:00 and I think I can make the trip in an hour ( MK to WL or HS to an EP area resort) I will make an 9:30 ADR. If not, I will eat at 5:00.

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Augh I forgot about the Star Wars show! How amazing is that? Is it a must-do? SO MANY OPTIONS! :scream:

Then I will say: HEA, Star Wars, illumiNations

It seems like we’re all going to agree on HEA being first. And @fultonator was right to include a <–huge gap–> between HEA and the rest.

And @hmbhmbhmb is absolutely right to book the dessert party (Plaza Garden, not Tomorrowland Terrace).

But after that . . .

For me, Rivers of Light is the easy bottom choice. I was bored. Sorry.

I’d rank Fantastic and IllumiNations equally.

The Star Wars one did nothing for me. I’m not a huge fan of the franchise and I didn’t think anything particularly interesting was happening technically.

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This is all very helpful! I’m not surprised re: HEA – I caught it from a sort of crappy location last time and it was STILL so amazing that I cried like three times. (In a happy feelings kind of way.) I can’t wait to see it again.

@profmatt - Good to know! What’s the difference between seeing it from Plaza Garden vs. Tomorrowland Terrace?

We’re staying at the Yacht Club, so Illuminations is easy to get to, and it sounds like it’s a good pick… I’m thinking we’ll skip RoL. (Though I hear the congestion getting out of Fantasmic is a nightmare… hmm.)

$20 each and a crappy viewing angle :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Very unimpressed with RoL honestly… so I’d go for HEA, illuminations, Fantasmic

Illuminations is a must do for us. HEA is a good show but the crowds every time we saw it were oppressive (didn’t do dessert party; wish we had). I’d see ROL if you haven’t already.

For me in order is Illuminations, Fantasmic, HEA. I had dessert party seating for Illuminations and Fantasmic so that probably skews my opinion. As for dinner, if you eat dinner around 6 or even 630 for an 8pm show, you should have plenty of time. My recommendation is to book the dining package or dessert party. For me, convenience and space is worth the money. I don’t want to waste an hour or two just to save a good spot.

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I would never skip Fantasmic or HEA (I’ve only seen Wishes). Both of thoes shows are so iconic! I never cared for Illuminations. I would also make an early dinner reservation.