Evening Shows w/ Little Kids

I am currently planning our family’s December 2018 trip and have a question about nighttime shows with little kids. I haven’t been to Disney since 2000 so don’t remember these things well at all. We’ll be there (staying off property) for 2 weeks with 8-day passes so we have some flexibility in our schedule. My girls will be 4.5, turning 7 on the trip, and almost 9. I don’t want to be one of those parents forcing their kids to do things that are “fun” but really having kids who can’t enjoy things because they’re tired, you know?

I think I’ve decided that we should do Jingle Bell Jingle Bam instead of Fantasmic as my younger two are easily frightened. Anybody agree with this?

Is Illuminations boring for little kids? Scary? Worth a late night in the park if we can mange to have the next day off?

HEA. I’ve heard it’s awesome. I’ve also heard that it’s extremely loud, crowded, and that kids are easily scared. Most of our MK days will be when MVMCP is happening that evening so we get low crowds. All of the other days are high crowd levels and the ONLY reason I’d do the parks these days would be to see HEA that evening. I mean, we’d do the park that day, too, but we’d do it on a CL 7 instead of a CL 3 so we could see the fireworks in the park. What’s your opinion on this? I was also thinking that if we only did the MK on MVMCP days that we could come back to the TTC that evening and watch the water parade and HEA from the docks. Thoughts?

Any insight is much appreciated! Thank you!

My kids were 3 and 5 when we saw Fantasmic and our was great. They were not scared at all. You are pretty far back from the action. I don’t think you’ll have a problem… but all kids are different.

Illuminations was really cool and definitely not scarey.

We took mix day breaks so I really can’t comment on being at park all day excel for fantasmic we could not schedule a break that day due to show schedules… we just went later. Both kids crashed in the stroller at different times… so it worked out for us… but will be a long day for the smaller kids fur sure.

We watched Tarzan for the first time the other day and my 6-year old was hiding her face and in tears over Kerchak’s fit of rage toward the end, Tarzan and the bad guy’s (what’s his name?) fight that ends with him hanging himself, etc. We still have like 8 months to go so things can change but we might end up just skipping Fantasmic this trip and saving it for a few years down the road. Thanks for the insight. I’m also glad to know that Illuminations is not scary at all…I want to see it! =)

We may take breaks and go back to the resort and then return at the end of the day. We’ll have to wait and see…I feel like sometimes it might be more effort for the grandparents and the littles to get back to the car and resort and then back into the park versus just doing something not-intense inside the park for the middle of the day. We’re planning on playing a lot of it by ear. Which I hate for FPP and ADR purposes…

Happily ever after is amazing! My 6 year old loved it. She is also super scared of movies and frightens easily. I think HE A will be a good one for all of your kids.

Is it worth a CL7 day, though? (which, based on this past week’s predicted CLs and actual CLs makes me think it could end up being higher…) When we could have access to a CL3 day instead but forgo in-the-park fireworks? The day we’d do this is my 6-year old’s 7th birthday and our last day in the parks and I’m trying to decide if she’d rather have a busy park and a long, late day, or if we should do AK instead on her birthday. The whole trip is a surprise so I can’t exactly ask her…

Any chance you can spring for park hoppers? We usually do a park in the morning then break and do something different at night. As for the crowd level, yeah I think the show is worth it. Best I’ve ever seen by far.

No…it’s just not worth the extra $400 to us, plus the extra $400ish for the grandparents to also get them. Maybe when the kids are older!

Thanks for the feedback!