Evening magic hours question

Wondering if the majority of people in the parks on an evening extra magic hours night are there for the extra hours? For instance in MK after the fireworks, would most people be heading to rides as opposed to the exit? I don’t plan to stay until 11pm but not sure if it’s worth it or if I should pick another night. Also would fireworks viewing be extra difficult since there may be more people in the park?

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The majority of people in the MK are not staying onsite and thus don’t have access to EMM hours. So, no I wouldn’t expect everyone to watch fireworks and then head to the rides. Now there will be some influx of people from other parks that closed early that are staying onsite who will arrive for EMM so MK will be busier on EMM nights than non-EMM nights. If you weren’t planning on being there late anyway, it likely makes sense to avoid EMM days at MK - but it’s a nice perk to take advantage of if convenient…