Evening hours

What’s up with the early evening hours for summer so far. It’s now into July and MK closing early on Disney site. Getting a little bummed if we’re looking at 9 and 10 closings the nights we will be there

Apparently crowds are down at WDW this summer, and AK being open late is in place of MK being open late. Not sure if true, but that is the theory I have seen lately.

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That’s the same rumor I heard. I’m a little bummed, because AK hours are back to 9 for my trip the last time I checked, with no additional late hours at MK either.

The lack of MK late hours would be frustrating in the summer. It is so dang hot during the day, touring from 7pm until 2 or 3am would be great for weather wimps like myself. Sleep late, hang at the pool in the heat of the day, and tour all night. That would be my kind of summer trip!


Yes. This is super frustrating. I really hope they would change it but at this date I’m not feeling good about it.