Evening FP for Everest

When I was making my FPs this weekend I noticed that there were none for Everest after 8:00pm even though AK is open until 11pm, and then I saw someone mention knowing that was a thing in a different thread today. Is this a bug? My TP is predicting 1 minute wait no matter what time I schedule it in the evening, which I just figured was due to the system not having any data about how crowds are going to flow in the evenings yet.

I have been watching the times and 8:00 is the latest FP you can get for EE. It does not seem to matter- you can ride it with little or no wait after 10:00- but there does not seem to be any reason for it. I also noticed that the latest Safari FP is 9:30

I’m trying to figure out how the safari is actually going to work once it’s full dark… maybe there are nocturnal animals out there, but how can you see them without some sort of night vision apparatus?

They are using artificial lighting and creating their own “sunset”.

So do you think it would be better to schedule it for 7:30 (when it’s actual sunset), or later? I was thinking that we wouldn’t want to do it in full dark.

There has been a lot of reports of great animal sightings around 7:30-8:00. I did hear a report the other day on a podcast that very late ( when all the animals were moving for the night us rare but great too.

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We just did a 7:10 Safari FP on 6/28 and the animals were very active at that time! I’ve heard early evening is better than late. As for Everest, my kids went straight from the 9:00 Jungle Book show right across the pathway to Everest and got right on stand-by. No wait!