Evening Extra Magic Hours

We will be at Disney in March with 5 day park hopper tickets. Is it a good idea to visit a park with a lower predicted crowd during the day and then “hop” on over to the park with PM EMH’s that evening? Or will the park with PM EMH be so crowded during those hours that we shouldn’t bother?
Thanks in advance!

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It’s hard to say for sure; so many variables. I do this frequently, especially to EP because I love WS at night. MK can also be good - at least after the EMH actually starts (the few hours before the EMH can be crowded).

I would not worry to much about crowds at night. Most parks are so big that with the exception of a few rides, does not look crowded at all. Morning hours are a different story they can be very crowded.

It also depends on which week of March you will be there. Schools in Texas take their spring breaks the 1st or 2nd full week of March. I was there last year for my spring break the 2nd full week and it was CL8-10 days. We “hopped” from EP to MK after EP closed at 9 for MK’s EMH because they were open until 2AM. MK’s EMH are almost always on Wednesday nights and during a holiday week, you can expect the park to be open later than usual. The crowds during MK’s EMH were not bad.

Thank you! Do people who are not staying on property literally have to leave the park at regular closing or can they stay inside the park and just not ride anything? We have a set of grandparents going with us but they are not staying on property. If they are inside the park before close can they stay inside the park with us until we leave? They would be happy to just walk around during the evening EXM.

They can stay, eat and shop but cannot go on any attractions.