Evening Extra Magic Hours MK

We will be in the parks the first week of October and plan on taking advantage of the evening extra magic hours on Oct 3 in the MK. Last year they updated the open time from 11:00 pm to 1:00 AM. Right now they are only showing that they’ll be open until 11:00 PM. What are the odds they update and extend their Extra Magic hours between now and October 3? Also we have dinner at Ohana that evening and I was planning on just hopping over to the MK on the monorail after dinner. Will it be a problem to leave our car at Ohana and come back and get it when we leave the park? Thanks!

I believe that you can typically leave your car for up to 3 hours free of charge if you have a reservation. If it will be a longer period of time, I think you can pay for valet parking and leave it.
Park hours, I have no idea on. I am also trying to figure out the odds for hours changing during my trip in December. Seems likely though if they did it last year, they will do it this year?