Evening EMH at MK

I know that for morning EMH at MK only Fantasyland and Tomorrowland are open. Are there any similar restrictions for evening EMH?

We are doing the evening EMH for the first time this year (9-11 pm) and would love to do BTMRR and HM after HEA. I don’t want to get everyone excited about that if it turns out they won’t be open. Thanks for any help.

Pretty much all of the rides are open. Things like Tiki room, Philharmahicand maybe Carousel if Progress will close. BTMRR and 7DMT are both awesome after dark!

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How busy is it during evening EMH? I assume the lines aren’t as a short as at morning EMH, but I hope you can get on rides fairly quickly.

The first hour will still have some waits for the more popular rides, since anyone in line will be allowed to ride. Later on though most rides will be walk-on.