Evening arrival to SoG

We will be arriving at SoG around 7:30/8pm ( MCO at 6pm) What should we do for dinner? I was thinking a late Chef Mickey meal (kids will be 9, 8, 2, 1, plus grandparents and 4 parents). But then again, it may be too late for the weekend ones. Thoughts? Alternatives? We have 4 full days after that.

4 of the 10 of us are going to Kona. The rest (grand parents and 1 and 2 you and their parents) are sticking to SoG dinning.

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I would not make any ADRs for an arrival that is scheduled to be that late. One small delay and you’re sunk, and $10/pp will add right up. Perhaps a trip to Disney Springs or, better yet, a monorail resort (for castle view) for a QS dinner would be better. Many great options to choose from.

That is a fear of mine. What QS monorail resort do you suggest?

Captain Cooks (Poly), Gasparilla Grill (GF), and Contempo Cafe (CR) all get a lot of love. I personally have only experienced Contempo Cafe but would highly recommend it. What I enjoy there is that you place your order and pay, but then they bring it to you when it’s ready.

Wonderful! I think I will go for Capt’n Cooks since it’s across the road from SoG (where we are staying). And reschedule Kona for another night.

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I didn’t realize that SoG was so close! Good to know.

And to whomever provided service to our country such that you have the option to stay there, please extend my thanks!

Will do. It is my sister-in-laws husband. It’s a pre-deployment, family trip. So, it’s extra special.

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May he be safe in his deployment . I look forward to hearing about another family trip, this time in celebration of his safe return from service.